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Professional R&D in the towel and ihram industry

As Salaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah, welcome to SAM-SINO SJZ IMPEX INC.
Thank you so much for taking an interest into FACTORY. We at FACTORY are dedicated to providing pilgrims going for Hajj or Umrah with unique products and services that will keep them, their family and their belongings safe and secure while they are on one of the most life-changing experience of their life.
In 1998,GAOHUA TEXTILE Ltd. established,located in Shijia Zhuang City,Which is Chinese biggest garment factory area producing Arabian thoub.It is Korean invested factory,exclusively sale to AL-Haramain Brand which is the one of third biggest arabian thoub brand in Saudi Arabia.

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Our Services

China Best Towels and Ihram Manufacture - We can supply all types of microfiber towels and ihram, the main product including round beach towel,microfiber hair towel,cotton towel,self-fasten belt ihram,anti-bacteria fabric ihram,reasonable Price, Pretty Quality.

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Our Factory

Our Factory

We have 20 years’ experience to manage our factory since 1998.We have a complete quality inspection system.Importantly we have a labor management experience ensures proficiency in products,reasonable reward system ensures retaining talented tailors and labors.

Our Service

Our Service

We always intent new design in the towel and ihram industry for the market,offering not only cost-effective price but also avoiding sharp competition with ordinary products.Meanwhile we are doing the market survey by ourselves proposing market strategy for our customer.Our aim is to be regular supplier for long term cooperation

Our Customers

Our Customers

We not only have good reputation among our domestic customers and we also have very high recognition by our international customers.We have exported our products to Korea,Saudi Arabia,UAE,USA,Indonesia etc.


we are specialize in manufacture ihram clothing and textile products, we always supply superior quality and best service to my customers

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What is ihram?

Ihram dress (Ahram clothing) includes men's and women's garments worn by Muslim people during the Ihram pilgrimage (Hajj) and or (umrah). The main objective is to avoid attracting attention. Men's garments often consist of two white un-hemmed sheets (usually towelling material) and are universal in appearance. The top (the riḍā) is draped over the torso and the bottom (the izār) is secured by a belt. Women's clothing, however, varies considerably and reflects regional as well as religious influences, but they often don't wear special clothing or cover their faces. White ihram clothing is intended to make everyone appear the same. In front of ALLAH there is no difference between a prince and a pauper when everyone is dressed equally. Ihram also contributes to a feeling of unity that pilgrims have when they are in the city of Mecca. They are all brothers and sisters joined to worship ALLAH. There are also certain behaviors that are expected and forbidden once ihram is donned. Ihram is typically worn during Dhu al-Hajj, the last month in the Islamic calendar.

What is self-fasten belt ihram?

Self-fasten & adjustable waist band(no belt needed) simple and safe(no slip down) All-in-one for Hajj & Omrah pilgrimage.Our factory has already produced the world unique ihram around 6 years.Also we have got the Chinese patent,new-design and anti-bacteria fabric.Our fabric is treated by the special silver partical and Pythoncidere mixed liquid.Nobody could copy our unique ihram and special fabric,because we have patent potection.All of our staff believe,our new designed ihram will be popular to the islamic world.

What is the differences?

1.hajj shoes in hanging bag on hook clip
2.Safe wallet pocket with water-proof lining
3.Detachable mobile pocket
4.Water bottle shoulder bag
5.For easy pass through X-ray no metal/steel rivet/button used.For self-fasten belt ihram wearing travel possible
Made of clean &hygienic fabric with anti-bacteria,virus and allergy free processed.
No sewn seam or edge hem glued as per Shariah Spec.(Original ehram with three patent licenses registered for manufacturing )
Quality controlled by World Ehram Centre(WEC)