Cotton Ihram with self-fixing belt system

Cotton Ihram with self-fixing belt system

Cotton Ihram with self-fixing belt system


More Details:

(1)Products Name : EHRAM Ihram
(3) Model No : KS-001 
(PATENT No :  2013304011529)

(4) Fabric Descript’ : 100% pure cotton, waffle woven
as per SASO Spec.
* Special Fabric clean & Hygienic processed
(Anti-bacteria/virus-MERS etc) protective skin. 
(5) Size Spec. & Seaming : Upper Ihram 
Bottom Ihram velcrol (Length) only
(S)  (M) (L)   (XL)  (2XL)
(6) Packing : all-in-one packing in a polybag

with handle. top and bottom Ihram

1-pair slipper & shoe bag with hook

self-fastening belt and waterproof purse
and detachable mobile pocket. (+ Optional bag)
packing size : 6500sets/40 feet container
(7) Particulars :
1) No need belt (self-fastening Velcro fixed)
2) Very simple, easy, safe and clean wearable.
(No sewn any parts per Sharia & SASO spec.)
3) 2-3 points are made per Patent License.
(Any illegal copy are strictly prohibited)
4) Recommended by Islam Culture Committee.

About us
Sam-SIno SJZ Impex Inc.
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